Interior & Exterior layouts and an Interior Architect

Your property may need some work to make it really suitable. Altiosa will pay attention to your requirements and find the best solutions according to your budget and the technical constraints.
We enjoy our partnership with SA Interior Design, a fully qualified British Interior Architect BA Hons.
Sarah is able to adapt and convey all levels of information between the client, the contractor and the various artisans, she is a great communicator and is billingual with more than 10 years work experience working with local tradesmen in the region.
Interior Design - Sarah Adamec

"I accompagny my clients from the start to the end of a project. I enjoy the planning process and getting the best of their ideas into a feasable reality.

All aspects of interior Design are covered from Space Planning with the ergonogiques of the overall space, individual rooms such as Bathrooms, Kitchens Design with whom I have special contacts and specialised rooms such as: Gyms, Spas and Cinemas.  A full range of materials can be proposed as well as sourcing the furnishings and accessories.

All aspects of the build will be run through completly to design your property and create your dream interior.

A variety of services are available and levels of service and can be seen on the website.  Do get in touch to discuss your project... 

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Apartment Redesign    Bunk Beds 

All designs by SA Interior Design

All work is undertaken by Altiosa or other specialized competent and reliable local tradesmen.