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The kitchen is the centerpiece of all modern homes and modern living. They are an all-important place of exchange and sharing.  It is for this reason that we attach a great deal of importance to creating this area with you and make your dreams come true.

Altiosa creates, designs and makes alongside its clients harmonious and functional kitchens, where every details is important: layout, materials, textures, colours and shapes but also incorporating, appropriate lighting, new technologies, useful fixtures and above all: your habits in pursuit for a more enjoyable living...Kitchens



Long gone are the days of the cold, impersonal bath rooms. Bathrooms are indeed a functional part of life but today, the benefits of a retreat and hydrotherapy are well known.Inspire yourself and imagine, be it contemporary or modern, create an atmosphere that suits you best… from bath tubs with spa options and saunas to modern-day walk in Italian showers… you can create an oasis of calm in the smallest of spaces.

Bathroom Designs