New builds

Chalet construction covering tiles
Chalet construction vallée d'Aulps
Chalet construction

Wooden Constructions

Altiosa will create your home from ideas and plans either made by yourself, by your architect or elaborated together.

Building a home to your image has never been easier! 

We permanently aim to please and cater for your well-being, warmth and comfort whilst keeping in the spirit of protecting the environment – a priority for Altiosa.

Each real estate project is made, placed and controlled by professionals trained to guarantee optimum quality.

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Strength & durability

The superiority of the wood used in manufacturing our chalets naturally offers better resistance than any other traditional material. The main types of wood used are Douglas fir or Pine and are a key element for building Alpine constructions in the region.

Adaptability, flexibility and professionalism

A long term investment, wooden constructions can be adapted to your needs and anticipate future building and energetic regulations; This is why all our wood builds are alterable and easily follow the ever increasingly demanding standards as they come into force.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

All of our creations/conceptions are acoustically and thermally insulated to a very high level, well superior to conventional constructions.

"Constructing dream homes”