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As a transitional space between the in and outside, the terrace is now much more than a fashion phase: it symbolizes a whole life-style. Built in natural and timeless wood, it becomes a place of well-being and hospitality. Even in the warmest hours of the day, a south-facing terrace will allow you to walk barefoot comfortably. Year after year, it will stand up to rain and snow, can be cleared easily- awaiting the sun to be enjoyed once more.

Whether the wood is oiled and carefully maintained or weather-aged with time, the effects and styles are multiple but the emotion stays the same… a serene, noble material, quietly changing and embellishing as time goes on.

Opt for the superiority of wood

Many balconies and terraces are not adapted space wise and are barely used! It is precisely with this in mind that wooden constructions, which are easy to live with, offer all the advantages.

The ability to change and adapt everything without heavy work, without damage, or a financial loan is short of a stroke of magic! Who hasn’t dreamt of such changes? Unfortunately, we don’t have a wand! On the other hand, we do have guaranteed, quick, simple solutions to restructure around your home, extend an existing terrace or create better access to an existing balcony.

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Quality and longevity

A wooden deck is more than a simple assembly of boards. Outdoor timber constructions need precise construction methods to withstand time and the elements.

Altiosa works with a variety of types of woods to create these: pressure treated pine, Douglas fir, oak, larch, Tech, or tropical species.

Imperishable: Either naturally or obtained by a variety of treatments.

Stability: Wood still moves, it is well known. However, some species are more stable than others. This is particularly true for exotic woods.

Softness: Not all woods offer the same sensation to touch; some are distinguished by a natural smoothness while others remain rough, even after being sanded.

Patina: While some deciduous types (deemed to be the best) age by to a blackish appearance when wet, others keep a consistent silver grey.

Pre-creation approach

Altiosa will guide you through the research and create a new living space for you.

It is essential that you contact your Town Hall services; formalities can be different according to the Commune. These requirements may for example, focus on property boundary distances.

Where to place the terrace?

Points to be considered are: the sun, wind, drainage. The choice of wood (exotic, pine ...) is essential. The wood must answer to important technical constraints. Its durability is therefore essential. A terrace is not just an outdoor space... visually it extends indoor spaces and links your home to your garden by anchoring it into the landscape.